West Coast Radiology Connect

Connect, our provider portal, gives our referring physicians convenient and quick access to patient study results. Connect provides secure access to your patients’ reports and images and real-time updates on exam status. Reports and images are available to you as soon as they are signed.

  An Overview of Connect    

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Connect allows you to see all your patients’ studies and quickly access reports and images. 



Locate any patients seen by a RadNet imaging center. View your patient’s entire exam history to access the report and images you want.


View reports directly within the portal, as soon as they are completed and signed.


View full DICOM images directly within your browser. Use convenient window-leveling, measuring, and scrolling controls.


Download and print the patient report so that you can include it in the patient’s EMR record.

Ten Reasons to Use
West Coast Radiology Connect

  1. Delivers access to reports and images quickly and effortlessly for you and your staff, with “real time” information.
  2. Provides secure access to these reports and images from any computer, at any location—without the need for additional hardware, software and viewer plug-ins and without infringing IT firewalls or security policies.
  3. Increases patient satisfaction by reducing the time they wait for results.
  4. Reduces your overhead costs.
  5. Streamlines the workflow of your front office (and increases staff satisfaction).
  6. Allows a colleague to view the report and images almost instantly in an emergency or as a secondary read.
  7. Gives your practice a high-tech image.
  8. Eliminates lost films and reports, re-faxing and courier expenses.
  9. Provides secure HIPAA-compliant access to patient information.
  10. Saves time, hassle and the innumerable inefficiencies inherent in paper and film.

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